James T. Marter

Candidate for United States Senate

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A very big THANK YOU for all the SUPPORT!

I want to thank with all my heart the many people who joined my campaign and worked so hard to elect a limited government, Constitutional, Liberty loving patriot.

I am humbled by the support of over 388,571 voters.

I have no regrets, other than not being able to secure a victory for all of you who understand we are a nation at risk.  A nation where the government is taking from us, the hard working American people, giving it to government bureaucrats, crony corporatists and lobbyist, at an ever alarming rate and spending at obscene and unsustainable levels far exceeding revenues.  They have amassed $19 Trillion in debt, more than $59,000 per citizen, and $159,000 per taxpayer.    We have a federal government, elected representatives and unelected judiciary, engaging in acts against “we the people” and our Constitution.   We are seeing the results of power consolidation in a government-media-union-corporatist complex, where “we the people” are losing our freedoms each day, from the passing of the disastrous and unconstitutional “Unaffordable Care Act (aka: Obamacare)” to the striping of our First Amendment religious liberties to efforts to disarm and strip us of our 2nd Amendment right to “keep and bear arms”.

During the campaign, I traveled the state and met many of you at more than 200 events, in 50 of the 102 counties in Illinois and traveled 20,000 miles in the process.  I am so honored and blessed to have met and have the support of so many “real” Republicans!

My wife of thirty years and best friend, traveled with me and provided the love and support I needed to make it through.  I also received the blessings from our children and many old and new friends, so many supporters and individuals, ranging in age from eighteen years old to ninety-two, who worked very hard on my campaign and I am forever grateful for each one of you.  May God Bless you, your family and friends.

I have no idea what lies ahead, but rest assured that securing our Liberty, restoring our Constitution, and our Lords will and blessings, is first and foremost on my plans for the future.  As opportunities arise to that end, I will gladly take on the charge again.

Warmest regards,

James Marter | Republican Candidate for U.S. Senator| ILLINOIS

Phone: (630) 608-2059
e-mail: James@Marter4Senate.us


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